Farewell Love


Life at some point means saying goodbye to …

Good-byes can sometimes be foreseen or be all too sudden. They are usually not welcomed and the grief they bring might be scathingly deep or seemingly subtle, and either way, requires a special kind of navigating.  There is no correct way of feeling or behaving but acknowledging and facing those emotions might be a healthy way to support your grieving process. Ceremonies and rituals throughout time have provided a first step in comfort and guidance and can be as cheerful or reflective as befits the occasion.  A simple service can help clarify what is often a chaotic set of circumstances fraught with many different emotions.  Taking the time to put words around what once was, and welcoming what is to be, may help you adjust to your new normal.   

We will work together to ensure this farewell tribute is a unique celebration that honours your loss and supports your hopes for the future with grace and dignity.